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Make every 1:1 meeting valuable

Create custom meeting agendas in Slack. Empower your team to talk about what matters. Spark meaningful conversations and help your direct reports grow.

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Save time preparing for 1:1s

Add agenda items in seconds.

The problem

Most meetings
are unproductive

And unproductive meetings waste everyone's time.

63% of meetings don't have agendas

Without agendas, 1:1s can result in trivial discussions.

One-sided 1:1s weaken trust

Manager-dominated conversations destroy psychological safety

The solution

Every 1:1 needs
an agenda

Agendaful will help you maximize your time with your team.

Manage one-on-ones in Slack

  • Add 1:1s with direct reports

  • View upcoming meetings

  • View agendas before one-on-ones

Talk about what matters

  • Create meaningful agendas together

  • Prioritize agenda items

  • Empower direct reports to own the agenda

Get important reminders

  • Get notified when it's time to prepare

  • Get agendas sent on the day of meetings

  • Never be unprepared for another 1:1

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Hi! I’m David Weiss, an Engineering Leader with more than 16 years of experience in software engineering.As both an individual contributor and a manager during my career, I’ve learned how to develop productive 1:1s.I’m building Agendaful because I believe there's a better way to prepare for one-on-one meetings.

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